How to Monitor a Webpage

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Have you ever gone to the same web page again and again just to check if there’s something new?

Or posted a comment on a blog and gone back there just to see the response?

Have you ever found a page pretty interesting and felt the need to know if it gets updated?

If you answered yes to one of the three questions above keep reading these lines and you’ll know how to track a webpage content for changes.

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Well then.
There are three methods (at least).

You can use a software like this one.

You can use some addons for your favourite browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer).

Or you can subscribe to a free web service and receive an email every time that page gets changed.

Just follow these few easy steps:

step 1)
copy the page address
2b monitor a page(e.g. select,  and press Ctrl+c)  

step 2)

go to this site 1 monitor a page

step 3)
paste the address previously copied  3a monitor a page

step 4)
write your e-mail address3b monitor a page

step 5)

Next  3c monitor a page

step 6)
choose a password  4a monitor a page

step 7) 
Create  4b monitor a page

That’s it 5 monitor a page
if you get to this page, 
you’re done
and you’ll receive an e-mail
for every change
made on your desired web page.

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