How to pay us.

If you want to get one of the servicies offered by StudioPCG,
and pay us, there are a few easy ways.

You can choose between one of the following.

1. Credit Card – Debit card – Paypal.

Probably the best way,
easy and quick:
Through your Paypal account.
Or one of your debit and credit card.

Consultancy Payments

2. Bank transfer.

Gabriele Carniani
Iban Code : IT76Y0306937842100000003355
Bic/Swift code: BCITITMM:

Lorenzo Pezzoli
Iban Code : IT76Y0306937842100000003356
Bic/Swift code: BCITITMM:

3. Call on us.

Our “headquarters” are in Florence (Italy).
Are you hanging around?

Stop by.

You’ll find StudioPCG address,
and all directions by clicking here


4. Send Bitcoin

we accept bitcoin (BTC/XBT)
you can send some
to the address below


click here to see the Qr code


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