How to Compress a PDF File

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Whether scanning or writing, every day we create a number of pdf files.
And more often than not, we hardly notice their weight.
Bytes, kilobytes, or megabytes? It doesn’t seem to matter.

But when it comes to having them sent by mail, or stored on the cloud, we can encounter problems.
And that’s when we realize they should be lighter.

Some of us may try some workaround. Like reducing the resolution of the images of the documents. Or having them scanned again with a lower resolution.
We may try sending them through services like Files2U, WeTransfer and so on.

But, what if we try to compress the files first?

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Yes, you already know that zipping a pdf is not a good idea if you want to reduce its weight (too low performance).

You may decide to use some easy software available on the web, like free PDF Compressor. 

But you might be happier not installing yet another program on your computer.

So, have you heard about the fantastic service offered by SmallPDF?
If the answer is no, find a really huge pdf file you might have in your computer, and follow these
few easy steps:

  1. open the site by clicking here,
  2. drop the file,
  3. wait a few seconds,
  4. download the new file,
  5. and that’s it.

The result could be surprising.

The same site offers some other very useful services like getting an image from a pdf and viceversa, merging some pdf files, and more.
Still concerning pdf files you might want to take a look at some other sites linked here, in case you need to obtain a pdf/a file, or unlock a pdf

From now on, every time you want to access these services, you’ll find them on our website in the right side menu (below, if you are surfing with a portable device), by clicking “Modify a PDF”.

One of our website visitors told us that Smallpdf gave him some problem compressing, lately.
In case you can use the following service:

  1. go to PDFCompress! website by clicking here,  
  2. click on the “My Computer” button,
  3. choose the pdf file you want to compress browsing your computer,
  4. click on te “Compress!” button
  5. in few seconds your file will be compressed and downloaded (in background) into your pc’s download directory
  6. That’s it.

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