How to Maximize Office Productivity
with Powerful Desktop PDF Software

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Though the world of mobile technology is rapidly expanding, the good old desktop software is a long way from becoming obsolete. This is especially true in the domain of office productivity and, in particular, file conversion.

Today our office productivity often depends on how well-equipped and skillful with technology we are. Papers are giving way to electronic documents and now most of our work and communication is transferred to the web, so it is imperative to learn to use computers, the Internet and the accompanying software.

While mobile apps for all kinds of office tasks are being developed on a daily basis, there are still many complex tasks that require the use of desktop technology. For example, the PDF is one of the most frequently used electronic file formats among business professionals.

Today it is possible to view, send, share and convert PDFs on mobile devices. However, when it comes to doing more complex work such as editing PDFs, creating secure files, converting PDFs into customizable Excel spreadsheets, etc. it is better to use powerful, professional PDF conversion software that provides more precision and more options for a complete PDF management.

How to Use PCE 3

PDF Converter Elite 3 is an example of powerful desktop software that boosts office productivity with a number of PDF creation, conversion and editing features. It runs smoothly and easily converts files from and to PDF.
The tool’s features include:
– Conversion from PDF into Word, Excel, PPT, Publisher, HTML and Image formats
– PDF creation
– Securing PDFs with watermarks
– Batch converting PDFs

We’ll demonstrate PDF Converter Elite’s sleek and easy-to-use conversion features in the following most commonly used PDF conversion situations.

PDF to Word

This option is used when people receive documents in PDF form they need to edit, such as book manuscripts, unfinished project documents, research material, CVs, academic papers, etc.
To convert the PDF document, you first need to click on the Open tab in the software application’s tool bar:

pdfconverter3 1

The PDF document is now opened and can be converted into an editable Word file.

Click on Word.

pdfconverter3 2

Alternately, click on the Convert button in the menu bar and choose PDF to Word from the drop-down menu.

pdfconverter3 3

A dynamic sidebar will appear on the right with several options for the user:

pdfconverter3 4

As you can see, you can choose to convert only selected areas or pages to Word, if you don’t need to modify the whole document. This option additionally contributes to more efficient work management.

You also have advanced options:

pdfconverter3 5

These allow you to set spacing between characters, words and numbers, eliminate repetitive characters, add additional page margins, etc.

After adjusting customization options for your document, click on the green Convert to Word button in the dynamic sidebar and click OK.

PDF to Excel

This function is especially useful to people working in an accountant’s office, law firm, bank or any financial institution.
If you want to convert your PDF file to Excel spreadsheet, you’ll follow a similar procedure to the one for converting PDFs to Word. After opening a document, click on the Excel button on the tool bar, or click on Convert and choose PDF to Excel from the drop-down menu.
A dynamic sidebar with options will appear on the right:

pdfconverter3 6

Again, you’ll have more advanced options to choose from:

pdfconverter3 7

Now click on the green Convert to Excel button and then click on OK.

PDF to PowerPoint

Presentation makers can greatly benefit from the PDF to PowerPoint conversion feature. After opening the PDF file and clicking on PowerPoint on the toolbar, select an area or pages to turn into PowerPoint:

pdfconverter3 8

Click on the green Convert to PowerPoint button and then click OK.

PDF to Publisher

People who work in marketing or PR departments often need to create brochures, leaflets, newsletter, bulletins, invitation cards, etc. MS Publisher is commonly used for these types of documents, so a tool for turning helpful PDF material into Publisher can come very handy.

To convert to .pub file, open the PDF file for conversion and click on the Publisher tab in the toolbar, or click on the Convert button in the menu bar, and then select PDF to Publisher.

You’ll see the following in the dynamic sidebar:

pdfconverter3 8

After choosing your preferred option, click on the Convert to Publisher button and then click OK.

Users who are interested in testing PDF Converter Elite 3 for their office needs can download the limited trial version and use it for free for 15 days.

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