Some New Google Features: the Smartphone Icon, and the Verylite Project.

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Have you noticed a smartphone icon in google’s search results page, lately?
Are you wondering what it is? Easy answer.
Something new from BigG, again.
Always trying to improve our web search experience.
Scroll down and get to know more about it.

2014-10-04 google smartphone icon tablet seo

The google way.

Back in the wild west days of the internet, web searching a certain word was just finding the webpage where that word recurred most frequently. Web searching with Google has always been different: that’s to say, finding the web page you’re looking for, immediately. That’s the revolutionary concept that made their fortune. As you may know, they use an algorithm called pagerank that is constantly improving, giving us better and better results.
But lately something’s been changing in the internet, and changing fast.

Internet on mobile devices.

How much time a day do you spend on the internet? Some hours, probably. Using a computer, a smart phone or a tablet? Let me guess:
the time you spend on portable devices is increasing.
How do I know? Because it’s a well known trend.
In fact mobile devices have already overtaken PC internet usage in the U.S. (check it out by clicking here). And it’s going to be a global trend pretty soon. Well. Someone notice that at Mountain View. And they are obviously preparing for the complete overtake. How? In many ways for sure, including the next ones.

The smartphone friendly icon.

Most internet sites (e.g. ours) offer a web page layout that’s different for computers and mobile devices. While googling with a smartphone or tablet, you’ll soon know which site is optimized for portable devices. How? With the small green smartphone icon that’s been tested recently (did you see my smartphone screenshot, taken earlier today?).

It’ll be easy to choose the right website, perfectly fitting the display of your device.

And other websites? Get ready, quickly. Falling down in the SERP can be a real issue these days.

Up to date.

As you might have noticed, after several week of testing, they eventually opted for the “mobile-friendly” label.

The “mystery” of the Verylite Project.

On October the 2nd, 2014, in the Official Google India Blog, a new project was announced. Bharat Mediratta explained it this way: “we will automatically check to see if a user has a slow wireless connection, and deliver a fast loading version of Search”. The very next day the webpage was a bit different, but I still have the news feed in my phone (see the screenshots by clicking here).
The post had been removed,and posted again with a different title. Why was this? Only the author could answer. We can only try to imagine some of the reasons.
Would it be useful anywhere else? Are they planning a global announcement? Who knows.
All we can do is wait.
I’ll keep this web page updated. Writing about new events below. Get back every now and then, just in case.

If you want to know more.

Are you using a portable device right now? Watch the Mobile-friendly label, by clicking here. Go to some other webpage dealing with the same matters,by clicking here, and here.

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