Spaces, Allo and Duo: Some of the Most Recent Google’s Features.

Spaces, Allo, Rich Cards, and so on…
Some new features are coming out from Google Inc.
Let’s see them in brief.
First of all the new mobile app from Mountain View: Spaces.
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1. What is Google Spaces?

Let’ see…
It looks like a virtual space, letting you share your content.
With anyone who’s got an interest in common with you.

Sharing what?
Links, photos and videos.
And – of course – comments.

For example.
Do you have a web site?
If you don’t, you’d rather read this article that gives you many reasons to start up a blog as soon as you can.
Well, does it have anything to do with Spaces?

2. Spaces can be useful for a website?

Good question.
It depends…
At Google they say it is a sharing tool for small groups.
How small?
Who knows.
I started a new Spaces group, I’ll be sharing articles about SEO.
Do you want to read some of my articles and share some of yours?
Feel free of joining.
You can do it by clicking on the blue link above.
Together we’ll see if Spaces can be a channel for your inbound traffic.

Time will tell.
But one thing is for sure.
Internet is going mobile more and more.
That’s one of the reasons why BigG is giving us this app.

For the same reason two more apps are yet to come: Allo and Duo.

3. What is Allo?

Allo is a short messaging app.
Will it be kind of like WhatsApp?
Or a bit more like Telegram?
(very useful to start channels, by the way)
We’ll see.

Same thing for Duo, a one-to-one video calling app.
Not so much for me, honestly.
I prefer to tell you about the Rich Cards project.

4. What is Rich Cards?

Have you heard about rich snippets?
I guess you have.
Well, Rich Cards it’s kind of the same concept.
Since web content is growing more visual, at Google they are trying to follow that trend with theyr SERP.
With some new features such as the Rich Cards thing.
It let you show your site’s images right in the search results.
Rising up your click through rate, for sure.

It’s starting only for two content categories, for now: Recipes and Movies (a new one, by the way).
If you publish Articles, Review, Event, Video and so on, you’ll have to wait a bit.
Go to your Search Console every while.
Don’t forget: your website must be Mobile-friendly.

5. How mobile-friendly is your website?
I guess you noticed the Mobile-friendly label, lately.
But I just wanted you to know there’s a new tool to check your website mobile compatibility.
You can test it right now by clicking here, and pasting a web site url.

6. Update. 
I wrote this article during May 2016.

Unfortunately the project Google Spaces was discontinued on April the 17th of 2017.

Allo project did not succeed either.

If you want to know more.

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